JP Mohler

Payroll Services

Administering your company’s payroll can be time consuming and frustrating.  Not to mention that the penalties for late filing and non-compliance can be enormous.

Through JPM’s wholly owned subsidiary Compsure, LLC (, we help remove this frustration and frees up your time by simplifying your entire payroll process.   Because we have specialists focused on payroll services, we are able to process your payroll efficiently while providing a cost effective solution. JPM’s payroll services can help in the following ways:

  • Workers Compensation Minimization Strategies
  • Screening of Employees for Tax credits
  • Calculating payroll checks
  • Direct deposit of employee wages
  • Direct deposit of contactor payments
  • Electronic submission of payroll reports and returns
  • Electronic remittance of withholding and employer payroll taxes
  • Computing, withholding and submission of wage garnishments
  • Advising on and responding to tax notices
  • Handling payroll audits
  • Preparing W-2 forms
  • Preparing 1099 forms